We’re gearing up for winter at Overland Wellness!

Are you ready for the excitement and stress of the winter season? We hope you have restful holidays, meaningfully connect with your loved ones and enjoy festive nutritious meals!

It is helpful to delegate time for meaningful self-care during this busy (and dark) season. Prioritize time outdoors and in the sunlight. Schedule a relaxing acupuncture appointment at Overland Wellness. Block time in your schedule for meditation and check in on how you’re physically and emotionally feeling as you move through winter. 

As wintry weather makes an appearance, it is important to address how your muscles and joints are feeling. Did you take a fall last year? How is your balance and strength this year compared to last? Are you ready to be active and engage in outdoor activities or are you already feeling like you need to bundle up by a fire and hide out for a few months?

Now is a great time to address those medical concerns, improve your energy, optimize your sleep and get your body feeling revitalized and ready for winter weather (and the year to come)!