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Overland Wellness provides natural medicine for the greater Coeur d’Alene region. Dr. Heather Overland is skilled in a wide variety of natural medicine techniques as well as the standard office procedures that you’d expect from a primary care physician’s office. Dr. Overland is also continually pursuing advanced training to stay on the leading edge of expertise in the field. Naturopathic medicine is excellent when used to make the transition from managed or “good enough” to great. Treatments and visits are tailored to your needs, wellness goals and personal preferences. If you have a concern that isn’t listed here, or are interested in something you’ve heard about elsewhere, please contact us to inquire. 

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Hayden Idaho Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Naturopathic medicine is a prevention and wellness-centered approach to healthcare. Naturopathic medical doctors use a functional medicine approach that focuses on finding the root cause, not masking your symptoms with medications or unnecessary treatments. 

Dr. Heather Overland, NMD LAc is North Idaho’s premier integrative physician and licensed acupuncturist. Dr. Overland focuses on providing the highest quality care that provides the most effective results. Treatments are holistic, minimally invasive, comprehensive and individualized to your specific needs. Doctor Overland’s treatment decisions are based on an assessment of current clinical and scientific evidence as well as a careful evaluation of you as a whole person, not just your diagnosis. 

Dr. Overland may prescribe treatments such as bodywork and botanical medicine, and may also need to prescribe pharmaceutical medications, order x-rays and laboratory tests. Dr. Overland is skilled in a variety of treatment modalities and in-office procedures. In order to provide you the best care, Dr. Overland may also refer you to other healthcare providers and specialists.

Overland Wellness isn’t a routine primary care physician’s office. Dr. Overland provides holistic, treatment-focused wellness care that works best in addition to your established primary care and medical specialist team. Whether your other doctors are located in Coeur d’Alene or out of the area, Dr. Overland is happy to coordinate care with them to provide you with the best multi-disciplinary approach for you.  

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The Naturopathic difference.

Whether you need someone to listen to your lungs when you have a cough or to finally address the digestive problem that has been troubling you, Dr. Heather Overland is ready to help you. When suffering from a mountain biking accident, skin irritation after spending time in the river, or digestive troubles from trying new cuisine, Overland Wellness can provide the care to help you get feeling better. 

Dr. Overland can provide a routine medical evaluation and immediate treatment for most problems seen in a doctor’s office. Treatments can include procedures such as minor wound care, ear lavage (blockage removal) and musculoskeletal injury evaluation. Visits can focus on acute illness diagnosis, chronic disease management and even recovery from jet lag. 

The Overland Wellness naturopathic difference in these routine care options is that Dr. Overland will always prioritize using the least invasive and most natural options for treatment and diagnosis. Whether it is organic vapor rub for chest congestion, thorough nutrition evaluation and vitamin supplementation to improve energy or the use of bodywork and lifestyle medicine to reduce stress, Dr. Overland recognizes the value of a gentle and natural approach for your care. The naturopathic perspective treats you as a whole person, acknowledging both your complex history and future goals. 

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Naturopathic Concierge Care

The best medical treatment helps you thrive and succeed in your career, it doesn’t create another tedious task for your calendar. Conveniently and centrally located in Hayden, Idaho, Overland Wellness naturopathic medicine is accessible for you. 

With early morning appointments, you can start your day right. Lunch hour appointments and after-work IV Happy Hours allow you to easily incorporate self-care as part of your regular routine. 

As a patient of Overland Wellness concierge medicine, you have access to priority appointment scheduling. With virtual appointments you can skip the waiting room and get treatment right when you need it.

In special cases, when medically indicated, Dr. Overland is even willing to travel to you to provide rejuvenating house call treatments and minor procedures in the comfort of your own home (or vacation home) in greater Spokane/ Coeur d’Alene. 

Telemedicine at Overland Wellness