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Messaging System

Using our secure messaging app, you can conveniently message Dr. Overland with after-visit questions. 

Automated Intake

Pre-screening questionnaires can be completed at your convenience before your appointment. 


Video Visits

Conveniently connect with Dr. Overland without having to leave your home. 

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While some treatments and conditions necessitate in-person appointments, many visits can be completed using telemedicine. 

Your time is valuable. Automated pre-visit questionnaires and screening streamline your appointments and allow the doctor to focus the appointment time on what’s most important to you. 

While our medical practice is far more comfortable and serene than the typical doctor’s office, sometimes it is still best to stay at home.

At Overland Wellness, you receive a higher caliber of personal interaction and individualized attention.

Overland Wellness harnesses Telemedicine to provide the most comprehensive wellness care. You receive better engagement with your treatment plan through follow-up reminders and continued after-visit care.

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