Basic First Aid

The kit we all have… but better. Waterproof Tegaderm brand bandages, precision tweezers, quality contents… not just endless rolled gauze.

Beyond The Basics

Comfort add-ons to help you thrive, not just survive.


American Red Cross 98% oxygen rapid response canisters as well as Boost Oxygen supplemental oxygen for all-natural respiratory support.


SAM Medical splints for fingers, arms, legs and beyond. Excellent for lightweight and easy to use stabilization in the field.

Bleeding Control

ChitoSAM bleeding control gauze and SAM XT tourniquets for severe injuries. Ideally you never need to use these… but if you do, it is way better to have than be without.

What Next Kits

At-Home medical kits to help care for day to day injuries as well as provide after-care for returning and recovering from outdoor adventures.

Backcountry Skiing and Splitboarding

Boating and Rafting

Hiking and Hunting

Camping and Travel

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Sales Inquiry

Specific sets, single components or a comprehensive first aid response kit are all available options.

Customer Support

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