What is Overland Wellness?

Overland Wellness specializes in providing luxurious concierge medical care through holistic naturopathic medicine and acupuncture services. Dr. Heather Overland developed Overland Wellness in order to provide a healing experience, not just healthcare. We offer appointments in our beautiful Hayden, Idaho medical practice.



Adjunctive care that works best in addition to your established care team. A truly holistic approach to meet your needs. No more feeling like your doctors are in competition or on totally different pages.


Visits scheduled with Dr. Heather Overland as you need them, when you need them. No more long wait lists.

Individualized Treatment

Patient-centered treatment. Dr. Overland recognizes you as a complex human being. No more feeling like you’re just a number or condition.


The doctor comes to you via phone or virtual visit. Convenient care where you’re at. No more traffic, parking, or commute to the office.

Dr. Heather Overland NMD LAc

Dr. Heather Overland, NMD LAc

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Licensed Acupuncturist

Like many other residents of greater Coeur d’Alene, Dr. Heather Overland values adventure as a key component of an active and happy life. Rather than simply restricting athletic participation or hobbies, Doctor Overland can help you recover from injuries and overuse so that you are able to participate in the things that you love to do. Dr. Overland wants to work with you so you can optimize your wellness rather than continuing to simply cope with pain and disease.

 With naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Overland is able to focus on prevention as well as restoring wellness. Because of the desire to provide you with the best possible medical care, Dr. Heather Overland has created Overland Wellness. Through the luxury and attentive care of concierge medicine, Overland Wellness delivers the highest caliber of personalized medicine and individualized care.

Skillful acupuncture and naturopathic medicine provide the high-quality healthcare that helps you become the most vital and dynamic version of yourself. Whether it be glamping and paved scenic viewpoint trails or back country skiing and minimalist backpacking, Dr. Overland wants to help you get outside!

Dr. Heather Overland provides naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and concierge care in the beautiful Overland Wellness practice centrally located in Hayden, Idaho. Whether you demand the utmost luxury or just need to have a health concern addressed by someone who will actually listen, Dr. Overland will provide you with excellent care.

Dr. Overland has treated patients of all ages and seen a wide variety of conditions while working as a primary care physician. Dr. Overland has also worked in various regional laboratories, contributed to university research and appreciates the perspective gained from working in the conventional medical field. With this background, Dr. Overland blends the best of Eastern and Western medicine to formulate an innovative treatment approach specifically for you. 

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Biology, Dr. Heather Overland went to medical school at Bastyr University, for both a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) and Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (LAc). Currently, when not in clinical practice or teaching, Dr. Overland is active in the Kootenai county business community and local outdoors.

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