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Overland Wellness natural medicine naturopathic Bozeman Montana


Naturopathic medicine is a patient-centered approach to healthcare. It focuses on prevention and restoration of your body’s ability to heal itself. While naturally-focused, it also includes modern diagnosis and medical standards of care. So much of life seems artificial now days. With Overland Wellness, your medical care in Montana doesn’t have to be.

Wellness is your most valuable asset. Dr. Heather Overland can combine primary care with natural medicine to help you achieve your performance goals and optimize both your physical and mental well being. By optimizing your wellness, you can enjoy a vital and productive life.

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Overland Wellness acupuncture Bozeman Montana


Acupuncture is an essential element of natural medicine and cornerstone of Overland Wellness. It is a well-established branch of medicine that has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years. 

Today, acupuncture can be part of a comprehensive and innovative treatment plan that Dr. Overland will develop for you. Among other things, treatments are used for relaxation, to relieve pain, improve aesthetic appearance, and enhance recovery. Now, you can have the most relaxing acupuncture as an house call treatment in your Montana vacation home.

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Overland Wellness concierge medicine Bozeman Montana


House calls and the reassurance of having a concierge doctor allow you to focus on relaxing and recovering. In home care and on-site visits fit your schedule. Concierge medicine will give you the individualized, personal attention that you deserve. Treatments can be provided in the comfort of your own home or vacation spot in beautiful Southwest Montana.

Overland Wellness delivers the best wellness care and modernizes the old-fashioned house call. Luxury spa-like treatments are combined with a focused-medical approach to get you back to being your most active and vital self.

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It is no longer acceptable to simply wait for diseases to progress and symptoms to become intolerable. A disease and illness-based model of healthcare is inadequate. You deserve to enjoy an active and vital life. 

The greater Bozeman and Southwest Montana regions are served by Overland Wellness. Dr. Heather Overland provides the highest quality naturopathic concierge care and acupuncture to optimize your wellness and even change your life.

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Some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world are located in the valleys and mountains around Bozeman, Montana. This wondrous natural beauty is home to some of the best outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking and fishing. Whether you’re here for vacation or for life, this is the perfect place to enhance your athletic performance, eliminate old injuries and become the most vital and dynamic version of yourself. Now is the time to use the expertise of Overland Wellness to optimize your health so you can fully enjoy this extraordinary environment for decades to come.