North Idaho IV Therapy

Conveniently located in Hayden, just north of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Hydration and individualized IV nutrients to help you look, feel and perform your best. Dr. Overland has advanced education and experience in IV therapy. At Overland Wellness, our expertise is used to formulate the best custom IV drip experience for you.  Learn More

B12 Injection

Activated B-Vitamins to support your energy and correct nutritional deficiencies.  

Hydration Drip IV

Replenishing electrolytes and extra hydration. Often used when recovering from illness or exertion.

Exercise Recovery IV

Restorative hydration with additional nutrients to support tissue repair. Help your body rebuild after overuse and exertion. 

Hangover Recovery IV

Re-hydration and nutritional support combined with nausea-relief for a quick and complete recovery. 

IV Add-Ons 

Glutathione, Acetylcysteine and extra B-Vitamins in their most active forms. Detoxification support in a quick IV push.


Immune Support IV

Extra vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin C and Zinc. Nutritional support for seasonal challenges and viral illness.  

Meyer’s Cocktail IV

Classic IV formula sometimes called a “banana” bag due to the vibrant color from the vitamin ingredients. 

Jet-Lag Recovery IV

Immune support, hydration and additional nutrients and antioxidants to help you bounce back quickly.

IV Vitamin C

High-dose and moderate-dose IVC supplies this key nutrient directly to your cells. 

Custom Formulations

All IVs are formulated for your individual  wellness needs. The highest quality IV ingredients for your health.

Greater Coeur d’Alene House Call IV

Mobile IV Therapy infusions provide you with hydration and targeted IV nutrients in the comfort of your own home. If you’re feeling under the weather, sometimes a house call IV is just what the doctor ordered to get you back out there.

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IV therapy chair and Infusion Bag

Hayden Idaho

IV Therapy 

You can enjoy the quiet and privacy of the luxurious Overland Wellness office while reclining in your individual IV therapy suite. You can even schedule a mini- IV or B12 injection for your lunch break or after work when you feel like an energy boost to get you through the week.

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