Spring is time to reFRESH 

Your Diet! 

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Food as Medicine

Natural greenery is peeking through, and plants are perking up with recent rains. As we witness the local environment wake up from winter slumbers, springtime change is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your dietary practices.

As the season progresses, we can enjoy the increasing bounty of fresh and locally grown foods. This is a great season to reorganize the pantry and incorporate a balanced mix of shelf-stable staples with in-season fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Before jumping into a new dietary plan or overhauling your pantry, it can be useful to honestly evaluate your current symptoms and habits through a diet diary. This can be an opportunity to log your foods, mealtimes, beverages and any symptoms (such as afternoon fatigue or indigestion) that may occur periodically.

A dietary diary can provide a framework to build on and be eye opening regarding potential associations between foods and symptoms as well as actual food and beverage intake (many people are surprised by their actual water and vegetable intake, as compared to what they thought they were getting). 

For added insight, evaluation of potential micronutrient deficiencies and macronutrient imbalances as well as specific dietary practices that may be indicated to treat or prevent certain health conditions, a diet diary evaluation can be part of an appointment at Overland Wellness. 

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