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You’ve likely spent months planning where to go, packing up your entire life, and then hours and miles physically moving to your new house. Once you’re actually here there can be a gap of “what’s next” after the moving truck departs and you’re trying to develop your roots and feel at home.  

Many people have past experience setting out for large hub cities to complete academic programs, follow career opportunities, or just experience the bustle of metropolitan life. When moving to the Inland Northwest, and more specifically the unique cities and rural communities found in North Idaho, many people are coming home.

Couples who started their career in larger cities move back home to be closer to grandparents when raising their children. Some have taken the big tech transition to remote work to reside in an actual remote location.  Others are entrepreneurs, bringing in their businesses from other states specifically to cultivate their own sense of home in this beautiful region.

The cross-over between what you enjoyed on visits here and what will become part of your weekly routine can be a refreshing improvement on old habits. Rather than starting your morning with hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic, that time can be dedicated to a morning walk in the forest or next to the lake. Finding your favorite big-city grocery staples in our friendly natural and organic- focused food stores such as Natural Grocers or Pilgrim’s Market in Coeur d’Alene or the Flour Mill in Hayden is complemented by home-grown produce and delicious local foods.

You’ve settled the basics of your new life here and have been able to get some of your life unpacked. For many people, however, literal and figurative boxes remain packed up and put aside during the unsettled rush of moving. Has your previously established self-care routine, exercise schedule and daily vitamin/ supplement plan gotten boxed up? Like Swedish furniture, moving is often a time when people pack those up and struggle to get them assembled once again.

It is important to remember the basics you need for your health and wellbeing, and include those in your priorities when settling in. Many people move with the dream of an idealized lifestyle that they will lead when in their new place. Identify what that life will include, such as connection to your community, work-life balance and time spent enjoying nature. Also visualize how you will physically feel when leading that lifestyle. Most of us wouldn’t envision feeling just as tired, burnt out or overwhelmed when living in North Idaho as when living in Orange County! Part of enjoying the environment that you want to live in is to take the opportunity presented by this change in setting to set the habits that will nourish and cultivate your healthy lifestyle.

 What has worked for you in the past? What hasn’t succeeded? A home gym, fitness membership, or actionable plan to work out in nature or parks as well as a set time to do so could help you maintain and develop your physical fitness. If you have a history of joining gyms that you never use, consider trying a different approach. Completing a new local hike each week with your family could be an excellent place to start!

If your new house includes grand plans for DIY building, gardening and farming, you have likely done a lot of planning and mental preparation. How has your preparation for such physical activity gone? The proper cross-training and recovery strategies are very important to reduce the pain and injury caused by “weekend warrior” style sudden overuse.

Even without “homesteading” your new lifestyle could include regular seasonal alternations between golf or mountain biking and skiing or snowboarding. This is awesome! You moved here and should be able to fully enjoy the natural environment and plentiful outdoor recreation. However, it can be a lot compared to a schedule of infrequent golf weekends and ski vacations. The appropriate supportive care such as athletic training, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy can help your body sustain such physical activities with strength and resilience.  

Develop your healthcare and wellness team to help you optimize this move and thrive (not just survive!) in North Idaho. Many of you are leaving established care teams, and some of that care can continue via telemedicine. Connecting to local healthcare providers is important for in-person ongoing care. It is best to establish care before an illness arises, rather than scrambling for an appointment during an urgent situation. Continuity of healthcare ensures you have a comprehensive wellness plan that can address your ongoing health concerns and adapt to new and changing needs.

In Idaho, a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor can be your primary care physician or act in conjunction with your primary care practitioner as a specialized expert in holistic health and wellness optimization.  If you’ve seen a ND or NMD in the past, you can continue to enjoy the personalized holistic medicine that you have previously experienced as you continue on your wellness journey. If you’ve been interested in functional and integrative healthcare and prefer a more natural approach to your health, moving to North Idaho is the perfect time to get started. Schedule your appointment with a Naturopathic Medical Doctor!


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Overland Wellness is Relocating to Hayden, Idaho

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To better serve our greater Spokane and North Idaho patients, Overland Wellness is relocating to centrally connected Hayden, Idaho. Our new practice space has more treatment rooms, abundant free parking and the same high standards of exceptional quality and comfort that is expected from care at Overland Wellness. 

By practicing out of a freestanding building rather than a large downtown high-rise, Overland Wellness is now even more quiet and private than before!

Our location is easy to find and directly accessible just off of Highway 95 when coming from Sandpoint, Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.


For patients who prefer not to commute, Dr. Overland is still just a secure message, phone call, or video appointment away. 

Dr. Overland will continue to offer priority scheduling for telemedicine appointments to accommodate patients in remote locations.